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Precision Vision is proud to offer our proprietary line of Specialty Design lenses to fit all of your patients GP needs.

For patients with astigmatism we specialize in BITORIC, ANTERIOR TORIC and POSTERIOR TORIC lenses.

With over 30 years experience, our consultants can help you decide which one will benefit your patient.


Here are some of our comfort enhancing proprietary lens designs:

Precision ADVANTAGETM Lens
The Advantage lens has a spherical O.Z. with an aspheric junctionless periphery, a wide secondary peripheral area, for better alignment and support of the lens on the cornea.

Precision ADVANTAGETM 2 Lens
The Advantage 2 is bi-aspheric, with a small amount of asphericity in the central O.Z. and a greater amount in the peripheral portion of the lens. It too is junctionless for a smooth alignment of the cornea.

Precision CSFTM Lens
The Precision CSF (Controlled Sagittal Fit) is designed to be a precisely fitting lens based on known sagittal elements of the cornea.

Precision THIN
A thin lens design for the optimum in comfort. Precisely calculated center and edge thickness for the least lens mass and best edge contour.

The following lenses are our own line of Multifocal and Bifocal lenses.

The Precision NearVueTM Multifocal
The NearVue is an aspheric posterior multifocal. The amount of aspehericity has been carefully determined to give the maximum amount of near correction and still provide a well fitting lens that will be comfortable and maintain corneal integrity. The NearVue provides the most natural vision, giving the patient distance, near and intermediate vision. Loaner Trial Lenses are available.

Precision TransViewTM Bifocal
The Transview bifocal is a one piece monocentric translating bifocal. Virtually any add power can be achieved with this lens. The advantage of the one piece monocentric design is that there is no chance of segment separation as with two piece segmented lenses, and there is no image jump that is associated with one piece offset bi-centric designs. Loaner Trial Leses are available.

For your Keratoconus patients we have 3 options available;
We have a soper design lens a McGuire design and our Advantage Cone lens. We suggest consulting with us to see which one would be indicated and we can provide loaner trial lenses to assure the best fit for you patient.

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